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Your Journey is about to Start!

You will be redirected to the MS Global Visa Application Form

Answer the form to start your Visa Application Process. You will be contacted by the MS Global Visa team and they will provide you with a (A) Cost Breakdown, (B) Recommendation Letter, and (C) Payment Instructions. 

One applicant per submission. If you have a partner/friend/colleague who will be joining, please have them accomplish a separate form as well. 

Please wait until the MS Global Visa Team contacts you before you send any amount to our payment channels. MS Global does not accept CASH on any of its remote sites.   

If an agent or remote site requests payment in cash or deposit to payment channels that are not listed on our website (, please REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY to

Please expect an email and a call within 24 hours of submission. By submitting the application, you are allowing MS Global to use the below information in its operations, marketing, sales, and other related activities. 

MS Global Incorporated is a Visa Consultancy Agency that follows all regulations and is compliant with both Philippine and Australian laws. MS Global does not and will not give guarantees on the success or timeline of any applications. Successful applications posted on the website, social media pages, and other marketing instruments do not affect in any way the likelihood of success of another visa application. 


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